VIP Travel Belgium

ZOYO Travel offers a luxury incoming travel label: ZOYO Exclusive. We create bespoke and amazing experiences and encounters all over Belgium. With this label we combine the traditional VIP travel in Belgium and offer outstanding luxury travel experiences in Brussels. 

In the past ten years we have opened doors that are normally closed. Due to this fact our clients have the immense privilege of experience the real Belgium excellence in luxury, gastronomy and arts by visiting workshops and spending moments with the greatest craftsman, designers and experts.

So yes, from luxury travel itineraries with a ‘must-see’ factor to the most unique and unusual ones, all our experiences and journeys are a-la-carte to match our client’s tastes. Making amazing memories is not always about ‘where’ you are going but more ‘how’ you want to feel.  

VIP Travel Belgium: recently we arrange the following ‘Moments’ for our clients:

  • 7 day luxury trip around Amsterdam, Ghent and Brugges incl. private balloon flights and many more stunning parts;

  • Heritage tour under supervision of a true ‘Historian’ incl. unique historic private dinner locations;

  • Cooking class with a famous Dutch Michelin (2*) chef;

  • Historic boat sailing with a full crew; sailing along the famous IJsselmeer with everything you could wish for;

  • Football clinic with 2 famous Dutch league players;  

  • Helicopter ‘Belgium’ trip; in one day see the beauty of whole Belgium with visits (with guides) to Brugges, Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels.

So yes, we could arrange everything you need. Do you want to have more information about our exclusive label, VIP Belgium programs or our luxury Travel Belgium services? We are happy to serve you.